Nature Coast State Trail

As nice as it is to see a friend after a long absence, it is even better when it happens by surprise. I was sure I'd likely be the only rider to turn out for Saturday's jaunt on the Nature Coast and I was wrong! Kate dropped my jaw by arriving unannounced and ready to roll with a new car and bike carrier to boot!

Just as we got started, we ran into Don and Mei finishing up their jog and talked for a moment, then onward to Fanning Springs. Since I learned Kate had not yet seen Fort Fanning Park, we took in the sidewalked, side track to the west along the back side of Fanning Springs' businesses and had a look at the river. Then, headed south toward Chiefland a couple miles before turning back. That south segment is still a lovely tunnel of shade and felt good, since it was already warming up nicely. There seemed to be a few more family riders out than usual, in fact, we even encountered a couple of horseback riders early on.

A little over twenty miles at an easy pace felt just right for a beautiful Saturday morning.


Withlacoochee State Trail

A cool morning that warmed up nicely by ride time was a perfect welcome for our return to the Withlacoochee State Trail. Mark and met at his home in Citrus Springs and boarded the trail just four miles below the northern end. We headed south to the group meeting point and found Bonnie and Lanny getting ready to ride. Just click on the railroad car to see photos from our outing.

We had a very pleasant trip through Holder, Hernando and Inverness then turned around at the entrance to Fort Cooper State Park and made our way back into Inverness for fuel. A very enthusiastic young lady attended to our needs at Coach's Pub where chicken salad seemed to be the favorite. Construction is underway alongside the trail in downtown Inverness where they appear to be building a new trailhead.

Though there seemed to be the slightest increase in noticeable elevation change on the return trip, our perfect weather day held on strong until the end. Another fine day on the trail was enjoyed by all!