Old Bellamy Road

Breaking with my usual, rail trail-based behavior pattern, I decided to hook up with a new group forming called the Yellow Belly Sliders High Springs Bicycle Society and ride an old dirt road. Lys Burden put together a lovely looping route to the north of town that included special vistas along parts of the old Bellamy Road. Tom Hewlett signed us up as members, took our t-shirt orders, and handed out maps of the route. They took a head count, introduced us to our sag staff, and let us know what to expect on this severely beautiful day.

I don't think anyone was disappointed as it was just wonderful to be outdoors today. The group of a couple dozen or so, spread out along the way and each settled into their own comfortable pace to take in all the scenery.

There was very little traffic at all on these back roads and just the right mix of a good breeze, clear visibility, sun and shade. Many of the canopied sections of these roads were shadowed by ancient stands of live oak full of Spanish moss. We even rode past a place with camels standing next to cows.

The rest stops were armed with ice cold water, apples, and tangerines from the farmers market and there were two, nicely located stops along the 16 mile trip.

I had to miss what might have been the best part of the event, as I left many folks were gathering at the Great Outdoors Restaurant for review of the ride and dining. A nicer bunch would have been hard to find. Thank you all for a lovely day!

I've put my photos up in the Gallery. Please enjoy.

16 miles & smiles