Withlacoochee Invasion II

Once again, for the second time this year, recumbents from all over descended upon Inverness and filled up the parking lot at the Central Motel. Better weather was simply not to be found and bright colors where everywhere as folks assembled for group photos before the mass start.

There was a particularly unusual, nearly magical feeling to behold when a certain specially equipped, tandem recumbent passed us and lit off a bubble machine, scattering hundreds of bubbles along and filling the trail. What a Hoot!

Withlacoochee Rally 11-14-09 from Bob Emmerich on Vimeo.

Must have been the combination of great weather and great friends that spurred us on to ride all the way to the southern trailhead. After a brief rest, we turned into the wind and sailed back up to Inverness.

Photos are in the Gallery.

65 miles and smiles