Flagler Beach to Marineland Trail

This one follows A1A north starting out on the sidewalk and becoming a little more enhanced as it goes along. Mark surprised me by stopping in at the park just to see us off. A clear morning with a light breeze working itself up to set flags, kites and hats into motion was ours as we started out in search of the first patch of shade.

Shelton scouted ahead while Carol and I eased along comfortably in the back, drinking in the day. Just after finding shade, we decided to take the Palm Coast diversion on the way up, so hung a right at the overpass and made our way over the Intercoastal Waterway into Palm Coast to playfully explore the Palm Coast Linear Park and its several optional off shoots. There is a quite lovely trail segment running right alongside the waterway with a beautiful new trailhead facility at the southern end.

Back out on the A1A part of the trail, we headed toward Marineland and were soon reminded by signage that the Washington Oaks State Park would be readily accessible to us. Everyone agreed and that became our new destination. As you can see, there is plenty of shade to be enjoyed in that park and it is quite a beautiful place. When we left the park, there was already an undercurrent of excitement building. Carol & Shelton had both recently experienced Flagler Fish Company's offerings and there was not a prayer I'd be able to steer our group further north to Marineland once we began imagining the culinary options.

What can I say? We turned right!

Do Not ...miss any chance to eat at this surprising venue! You could easily prosper with nothing but their "side orders" section. The perfect polish for a ride day!

Chiefland Watermelon Festival

We took to the Nature Coast State Trail in Trenton at a sharp 7:00 AM to beat the heat and were pleasantly surprised to find the watermelon already being served by the time we arrived in Chiefland. The prediction of a hint of rain was just enough to provide partial cloudiness which kept the sun at bay until we were well on our way back.

There was also just enough of a breeze to keep the temperature down to a respectable mid-summer level. We met some friends on the trail who are local residents and new recumbent trike owners and threatened to join us on future rides. All this made for a very nice Saturday morning ride which included sightings of at least twelve rabbits (yes, we counted 'em), a snake, and many birds.