Withlacoochee Bay Trail

Since it was too hot to ride a long trail, we picked a short one and rode it twice. This coastal location gave us a tailwind on both inbound segments and a few clouds kept us from actually overheating. Jerry Smith had just acquired a new Greenspeed trike and wanted to put it through the paces. It seemed to perform nicely and definitely corners like nobody's business. Mark and Phil joined in as we found our way to the Gulf on a beautiful morning!

Quite a few different birds were on hand this morning; even a Roseate Spoonbill was observed flying across our path. We rested at the Gulf trailhead and snacked on Jerry's boiled peanuts while a seasoned, local rider told us a story about some folks pointing to that marker way out in the channel and asking what that sign said. The story had it that the response was simply, "...Boiled Peanuts." That drew an enthusiastic roar of laughter from us snackers. This very fit visitor told us he cycled every other day and swam the next.

On the ride back in we stopped in to all the little overlooks and such, just to check out the lay of the park and visit with folks setting up for a day of fishing. Then our second pass was more concentrated on finishing before melting down, so it went quite a bit quicker. Phil and I had to stop as an unusual creature crossed our path and cried out as a must do photo op. Being the ride captain for the Crusty Retired All Bent Society (CRABS), it simply wouldn't do for us not to capture a photograph of Phil with the "team mascot" when it naturally presented itself.

After the ride, Mark and Phil and I headed south to Crystal River to lunch at Crackers on Kings Bay which had a quite tasty swordfish sandwich on special. Having to pass the park on my return path to the house I couldn't resist the trail and stopped in for a third sprint on my Sprint.

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Madison County Four Freedoms Trail

Deanne and I drove up to Madison this morning to find a pair of foxes playing near the railroad on the way into town. Right on schedule, Thelma arrived with her new ICE Trike on board and after unfolding it, we set tires to pavement.

Deanne and I were both taken by what a difference the 26 inch rear wheel makes in the appearance of the trike.

Our focus quickly shifted to the obvious topic on this beautiful trail... how did they make it so that you feel like you are going downhill all the way? Just a delightful spin through the shade, dropping back in time to a very peaceful period, when everything moved slower. This is easily the most comfortable twelve and a half miles you are likely to pedal on a hot day. There are also several options for lunch when you return to Madison.

As we've said before, we will be returning to this trail again, soon.

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