Lulu Loop

Tropical storm Lee managed to pull enough bad weather together along the gulf coast to net Fort White a cool morning with a gentle easterly breeze. Thelma and Joe met me at the Train Depot on time at 7:30 and we started right in on our trip north and then east of Fort White. Light traffic on 47 was still heavier than we expected but as soon as we made our turn to the east above the Interstate, those woes were behind us. We covered some new ground this morning east of Tustenuggee Road as we worked our way over to Country Club Road and then on to Price Creek Road.

The sleepy town of Lulu remained undisturbed as we slipped in from the south and crossed Florida 100 to stand down for a few restful moments at The Lulu General Store. Heading back to the south, our light headwind became a more pronounced crosswind but seemed to occasionally get behind our efforts to at least want to turn westward and we rolled through beautiful rural vistas over hills and newly replaced bridges into an unusually quiet Providence. Lacking some of the bustling one would ordinarily find on a Saturday morning, Providence passed quickly as we now had a secure tailwind. The group indulged me as I detoured us slightly north once more to ease through the Feagle farms of southern Columbia County, then we returned to Tustenuggee Road to bring us back to the O'Leno to Ichetucknee Trail into Fort White.

Just over 57 miles of smiling at some mighty peaceful scenery.