O'Leno to Ichetucknee Trail

Scene from trailside: Fall afternoon sun warms the old Tanner barn

Veterans Day with veteran Feet First Members

Original, founding members Gary Kirkland, Jim Wilson, and Jim Ossa joined Rick Jacobsen, Thelma Richards and I for what we thought would be a quick outing to Chiefland on a nice cool morning. It was certainly cool enough but it quickly became nice enough that we lost control of our flight plan. On our way back from Chiefland, we stopped in to the barbeque place in Fanning Springs where all the veggies are fried and I enjoyed my very first fried dill pickle spears. To my surprise they were much more enjoyable than the rest of the vegetables!

Full and fearless we conceded we should at least visit Old Town so we could cross the bridge over the Suwannee River (pictured) and then we found ourselves unable to avoid the temptation to go on and include Cross City. Of course, this would inevitably involve stopping in at the Dairy Queen for additional "fuel" to help us survive our over extended trip.
A very lovely day and 36 miles morphed into 100 km end to end to end.