Sheila's Birthday Ride

On the east coast of north Florida, the Flagler Beach Marineland Trail provides a terrific seashore view and lots of varied scenic opportunities. Rick, Myhra, Al, Larry, Kathleen, Sheila, Bob, Carol, Deanne, John, Jeanne, Shelton and I made a baker's dozen. Our group replaced a tube and shared hugs at Moody Park in downtown Flagler Beach before setting out on a downwind spree up to Bing's Landing.

After posing for our group shot, we made our way back down to the overpass bridge to enter the Palm Coast Linear Park on the west side of the Intercoastal Waterway. This very attractive little trail offers not only great restroom facilities and trailheads but also lots of shade and interesting twists, turns, bridges and other riding fun. We enjoyed a sampling of the park and decided it was time to make haste in our return to Flagler Beach for our planned lunch event. Even though we now had a headwind, the allure of lunch made it seem mild.

Additional friends joined us for a fantastic visit to the very special Flagler Fish Company for a birthday lunch. We then relocated the party to New Smyrna Beach for the remainder of a great weekend. Thanks, Sheila!

Here's a link to the slide show.