Phil and I met up in Inverness this morning and took our time readying for the ride. We had pretty much been assured we'd be on our own. One thing you can always count on when riding the Withlacoochee State Trail is you are very unlikely to be alone! In fact, it matters not how you choose to enjoy the trail, you'll surely see someone else doing it your way.

Today was no exception. The perfect weather had arrived to the delight of all. There was a dog-centric celebration in Inverness, walkers, runners, riders, stollers, & grinners were in play all the way down to Floral City where what appeared to be a Model A car show lined the trail as we slowed in to town.

We stuck to our plan and rode just a little south of Lake Townsend Park before turning around to head back and put on the feed bag. Stopped in to visit Regis & Cindy with a little chatter about camping plans. Meeting one friend after another it seemed many more of us had had the same idea after all. We met Ali & Gosia celebrating Ali's birthday on a mile/year ride.

Quite a beautiful day for enjoying a beautiful trail in Florida.

Thanks for the ride plan, Phil!