Palatka-Lake Butler State Trail

Just to check on the progress of repairs, I drove over to Keystone Heights to the Twin Lakes Sports Complex trailhead yesterday. Riding west from that point I was assured of a familiar experience and without surprise I was back in 9 miles. Then I headed east to have a look at what had been done. 

There were still "Road Closed" signs on the trail at each end of a section from just east of Putnam Hall to Grandin but they appear to be related to one outstanding task. On one side of the slope away from the trail surface there is a runoff path dug out and awaiting the installation of large, coarse gravel sitting in a pile nearby. The trail itself is clear and rideable through this section. 

The delight for me was finding the major reconstruction of a couple hundred yards of the surface just east of Florahome completed. That was something I had expected to take much longer. 

The trail surface smoothly transitions between existing and repaired and is now a full 19 miles from end to end (SE 57th Street to Roberts Lane). Already one of the more scenic trails in our area, I am still anxious to see the completion of the segment between Keystone Heights and Lake Butler which should be even more rural.