Palm Coast Pedalers

Wayne, Russ, Marty, and Bob met me on the Palm Coast Linear Park this morning just before nine o'clock. We nosed into a very light headwind and made our way down to the Lehigh Trail which used up our morning in relative shade as we rode to Bunnell and back.

We then crossed the Intracoastal Waterway to land our lunch at the Flagler Fish Company in lovely Flagler Beach. After a few minutes overlooking the boardwalk and pier, we were out on A1A northbound with a positively wonderful tailwind all the way up to Washington Oaks State Park (photo). On the way back, another left turn to the beach once more, then down we went... Into "The Rabbit Hole", a nearly surreal riding experience that scoots you along completely surrounded by palmettos while winding left and right on a fast, but lightly straw covered, concrete path.

Emerging from the hole, we climb again up and back over the waterway into Palm Coast and enjoy its many threads of trails along the waterway itself, down to "Waterfront Park" and then finally back to our trailhead of origin. A quite pleasant day of riding totaling 48 miles.

Madison County Four Freedoms Trail

Spring is definitely the time for this trail as the wildflowers adorn its edges and there is still the slightest hint of remaining cool in a shaded breeze. 

It is also ideal for enjoying the company of good friends riding through quiet, country scenery. 

Of course, a visit to the local buffet afterwards will only further enhance a perfect day.