Starkey Wilderness Park

The Central Florida Recumbent Riders are holding their Gulf Coast Invasion this weekend so I'm going to join in. I found a real nice little spot for the RV in New Port Richey and after driving down and setting up camp, I visited the Starkey Wilderness Park and enjoyed an afternoon ride through the park. The trail connects with the Suncoast State Trail with lots of beautiful piney flatwoods between. Well worth the $2 parking fee. The "Invasion" starts tomorrow in Dunedin. Hope to see you there!

Palatka Lake Butler State Trail

Joe McCormick, Wayne Bettis, and I were east bound on the trail this morning when we met Artie Brenan and Jim Haywood going west. They agreed to reverse direction and we rode together to the east end and back. Lots of lively conversation and story telling was shared as we were sailing through some severely perfect weather. Got in about 37 miles and invited all to join us tomorrow.

Four Freedoms Trail

Drove up to Madison today to have a look at the Four Freedoms Trail which I had not visited since last year. I found it virtually uninhabited, covered with forest litter, with many more root eruptions breaking through the asphalt. Navigable but in serious need of some maintenance. A couple of very large and tall pines were precariously propped across the pathway and could easily be leftovers from Hermine or Matthew. Also, it looks like Pinetta is getting a Dollar General.

The good news is most of the iconic scenery (those tremendous live oaks) remains intact and the highway pavement from Branford to Mayo to Madison (US 27 & FL 53) is recently resurfaced. So, the smoothest part of the ride was the drive. 26 miles round trip with gentle climbing.