Withlacoochee Bay Trail

Mark, Gary, Tommy and I switched back and forth, trying our hand at facing the off shore breeze, then the mysterious morning tailwind as we pedaled east to one end of the western segment and reversed to consume it all. After this photo shoot on the Gulf, we turned southward just long enough to mount our segment connector, Cornflower Drive, that would deliver us to the dam on Lake Rousseau bridging the gap to the eastern segment. My rear tire picked up a some sort of steel fastener and promptly gave up its contents, so there was ample time to birdwatch on the dam while I patched my tube.
Freshly rested, we then soared up onto the canal spoils to inspect the view from the east.
These trail segments hardly qualify as lengthy, but by the time you roll them all together (and toss in a couple of repeat miles before you dismount) you're up to a respectable 25 miles. Thanks, Guys!

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